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Canadian History Tunes©

This educational resource includes 25 original songs to help students learn about some of the most important events and people in Canadian History.  Make a lasting impression with music and learn important dates, events, explorers and even the Canadian Prime Ministers!

Included in the CD is the bonus tune "Learning The Canadian Prime Ministers By Song©" designed to help students memorize the names of Canada's leaders from Sir John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau!

Based on the principles of "The Well-Trained Mind", by Susan Wise-Bauer, this CD will have your kids learning a whole Canadian History timeline in just 25 weeks! 

The short, catchy tunes are sure to please and it's easy.....

Introduce your students to one Canadian History song per week and sing along.  Pop on our CD as you run errands, or drive the kids to their extra-curricular activities and sneak in that little extra school time without them ever realizing. 

Whether you homeschool, or attend public school, "The Canadian History Tunes©"CD is ideal for any age and a great addition to any curriculum!

Order your "Canadian History Tunes©" CD complete with the bonus "Learning The Canadian Prime Ministers By Song©" and start your journey through the history of our great country today!


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